broken power chargers = good work ethic

Look at me! Posting for SECOND time! Bravo old girl.

Today I got SO much done! It’s because my computer charger broke and Dell sent me the wrong replacement charger and I now find myself forced to do my work in the library (they have extra chargers). I NEVER do work in the library. It’s too…committed. When one goes to the library, one COMMITS to work. I’m more of a I’m-gonna-do-it-when-and-between-and…..and then somehow, it gets done.

My thesis has met a new kind of animal the last couple days as a result of the work ethic that apparently descends upon all who enter into the realms of the library. 2/3rds of it down and only 1/3rd of it to go, and I am ecstatic! After I finished a smaller paper for another class today, I rewarded my efforts with a few hou…MINUTES of blog surfing. I ADORE wedding/interior design blogs!!

Today I fell in love with this Beautiful sitting room–

image via

This twisted bun makes me giddy! it’s soft, feminine, and perfect —

Image via Kiss the Groom

This sweet doily, vintage blue mason jar, and soft votive lighting is better than the cherry pie I just ate!

Image via

Okay..That’s all. I like blogging! It’s like I have a friend to share all my favorite internet things with!! Hehe. Much Love.


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