Attempt #3

I have loved the idea of having a blog ever since I first heard about them. I have even tried at least 2 times (that I can remember) to keep a blog going. This one though, will last. It has a purpose.

The absolute LOVE of my life asked me to marry him 9 months ago. =) I have never been happier!! In a little over 3 months I get to walk down an aisle with him waiting for me at the end ANDTHENWEGETTOFINALLYSTARTOURLIVEASTOGETHERRRRRR!!!!

But first. I have to graduate with my bachelors degree at the end of April and my honey has to move to Colorado and start his job out there. And, most painfully, we have to remain long-distance until a week before our wedding. Not that that’s new — we’ve been long distance for our entire 1 year and 9 month relationship — but it hasn’t gotten any easier. God and graham crackers (dipped in milk! Judge me, if you dare, but you had better try it first.) have gotten me through so far and I’m counting on them to get me to the end.

Anyways, this blog is for my family and friends. Updates and such. Graduating from college and moving somewhere new is going to be a considerable change and this is a wonderful way to keep in contact!!


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