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On the mend and all the laundry

Finally. FINALLY. Things are starting to freshen up around here. Noah is feeling dandy and his molars broke through. Hallelujah! Connor is still sick with the throat plague or something (the urgent care doctor we took him to wasn’t too concerned about actually diagnosing him, he just threw some antibiotics our way for Connor to take “if we think he needs it.” Say whaaa?) But, he is (hopefully) over the peak and on his way to health.

So, after being stuck in my house since last Wednesday, leaving only for emergency ibuprofen or milk runs, I am SO excited to be back to a normal routine. And normal housework. Funny how even though I’ve been home this whole time, all the things like laundry, vacuuming, and general cleaning have fallen on the wayside. I’ve had other things on my mind. ;)

My only goal today: deep-clean my house from top to bottom. We have a fresh new baby coming and I can’t bear the thought of having any sickness hanging around once he gets here. And if I accomplish that…then I would like to make some homemade bread (hah.). But really.

Oh and look for a bumpdate next week!! We’ll be 38 weeks and I will actually have my hospital bags packed by then. Until then: a little bathroom selfie with the big brother…


Weekend Recap

This weekend was another one for the books.

On Friday, we enjoyed some seriously choice pizza from Domino’s (their hand-tossed crust is so unbelievably good!) and family time.  Loved it.


Saturday, Connor set Micah’s crib up. I almost cried when I walked into the boys’ nursery. It is the sweetest thing to see the two cribs next to each other and to feel the general coziness of the room. I can’t wait to have Micah here. Connor and I both are so giddy to add this little boy to our family. And since I am officially 37 weeks, he can come AAAAnnytime! We’re ready for you buddy!!


Saturday evening was a different story.

Noah has been pretty sick. On Thursday, he had an all-body rash, fever, and sore throat. I took him to his pediatrician that day (I am definitely not one of those people who wait to “see how things go.” I will jump immediately on anything strange and scoot us all to the doctor. #notashamed) and she said it was probably just viral, but if his throat got worse or the rash turned to blisters, to bring him back in.


By Saturday afternoon I had a little boy so miserable I didn’t know what to do. He was bawling his eyes out at everything. He would run into my lap to lay his head on my shoulder for a few seconds to cry and then run off again (aaannd repeat every 30 seconds). But the rash hadn’t gotten any worse and his throat seemed the same to me. That evening though, I heard from a friend we had had a play date with earlier that week, that her sweet girl had strep. So after a few moments of overwhelmed mommy-blubber to my husband about what to do, he put us all in the car (around 6:30pm )and drove us to an urgent care facility. I’m so thankful for a husband who can make decisions when I can’t.  When we got back in the car at 8:30 pm, we knew that Noah did NOT have strep but he certainly had hand foot and mouth. Poor poor baby. :( It was a long night. But, shoot, it had been a long week, so no big deal.

But guys. After waking up at 5 a.m. yesterday morning, having a little snack and falling back asleep at 5:30…HE SLEPT UNTIL 10:30!!!!!!! Unreal. UNREAL. I woke up at 10, completely disoriented. But after sprinting to Noah’s room and seeing a peacefully  sleeping babe I fell back into bed with the biggest smile on my face. God knew I needed to sleep. I NEEEDED to sleep.

The rest of Sunday was dreamy…mostly. Noah was obviously feeling much better and so was mommy. After he got back from church, Connor made a few comments about being a little tired and achy but we didn’t think much of it. Until 4:30pm, that is. I walked into our (un-air conditioned) living room to see my husband wrapped in a blanket. Weird. So I took his temperature. It was 100 degrees. I immediately gave him Tylenol but every half hour his temperature had jumped another degree. By 6:30 it was 104. I was absolutely panicking. Thankfully, Noah had been exhausted from such a busy day and went down at 6. After three Ibuprofen and a lot of desperate prayer, the fever finally started to go down. By 9pm he was back to his normal self. But gosh. That scared me. We still don’t know why that happened or whether the fever will come back…

We will see how today goes. Prayers would be so appreciated. Two sick boys and a preggo wife make for quite the scene.

A baby belly and a teething toddler

Photo on 8-12-14 at 5.16 PM1

This is literally how we spent the later part of our afternoon yesterday. I found out right after a particularly difficult breakfast, that Noah was pushing at least two molars through. Ouch.

He was a little trooper during an early playdate, but when we got home he let me know – he was in PAIN. Chewing on frozen washcloths just made him cry and tylenol did not seem to be making a dent in it. All he wanted was to be held.

So instead of vacuuming the floor (that really needed it), like I had told myself I would do that day, I sat down on the couch and I cuddled with my sweet boy.

If you know Noah, then you KNOW. This boy does not sit still. He is a steamroller of activity, almost constantly. So having uninterrupted time where he just wanted to be on my lap, was heaven for this mommy.

And it was extra special yesterday, because at 36 weeks pregnant, I had both of my little boys squished on my lap. Seeing Noah’s little hands wrapped around his brother’s home was precious. Then, when Noah snuggled in even more and rested his head next to where Micah had been kicking all day, my heart swelled to bursting.

How did I get so blessed?

I am so thankful for quiet little moments like those. Because parenting is hard. Hard, people! But it is the greatest gift I have ever been given, and moments like that bring everything into focus.

Community Brew | He will provide


I really enjoyed reading Madison’s opening words to this installment of the Community Brew link-up.

God DOES do big things. Absolutely. And I seek his provision daily and earnestly.

But Madison asked, was I seeking God with “open hands?”

Nope. Big negatory on that one.

I am a close-fisted seeker. What I have, I want to keep and have no intention of letting go.

I am devastated when He “takes” something away from me. Like a child. However, one of the the verses Madison shared got right to the heart of my emotional immaturity.


For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:8-9

God is not cruel. He is greater. Greater than me, greater than circumstance, greater than all things. He can see beyond. When He comes to me, and asks me to have open hands, He is not “taking” from me. He is making room. Greater room for greater things.

God has always provided for me. He has given me all I need and more. I have absolutely no reason not to trust Him when He asks for some things back. I should know better. Because HE knows better.

My greatest obstacle to seeking Christ with open hands is money. One of the subjects God is SO specific about in the Bible. Men and women who give their last pennies to God, without looking back, are praised and always provided for. Men and women who hoard their money are passed over and punished (Ananais and Sapphira, anyone?). That knowledge should be plenty motivating for me and yet, when it comes time to tithe I struggle. When I see someone sitting on a street corner, asking for help, I struggle. When I am asked to support a child in Africa, I struggle.

I have PLENTY of things I need to use my money on. “God-money” comes out last (and, as a result, usually has a $0 balance).

How unbelievably backwards and selfish is that?!?

“For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?”

Matthew 6: 25-26


Thank you Madison, for such eye-opening words!!


Linking up with Madison and Rachel. Thank you, ladies!


Mini Cherry Pies

Over the fourth of July we were invited to a barbecue with friends and family. I LOVE barbecues. LOVE. But I always struggle to find the perfect side dish to bring along. I either accidentally end up bringing a duplicate of someone else’s dish or completely fail at whatever original recipe I think would be delightful.

This time though, I think  I nailed it. Their quick disappearance after I set them on the table tipped me off. :)

Mini Cherry Pies


They are SO easy!  Start with pie crust. You can make your own from scratch, if you’re fancy like that. I just used Jiffy’s pie crust mix.


Mix it up and roll it out. You’ll need two boxes for a 12 cup muffin tin.


Cut the dough into circles that will cover the bottom of a muffin cup. I used a large mason jar as my guide.

Lay the pie crust at the bottom of each greased muffin cup. Then, spoon cherry pie filling (or whatever fruit filling strikes your fancy) into the cups. You’ll want at least four cherries in each mini pie. Maybe more.


Use the rest of you dough to cut circles for the top of the pie crust. I tried to cut them into fancy designs. But I’m not fancy, so, you know. They turned out like this.


After covering all of your little pies, brush the tops with a beaten egg. Pop it into the oven and bake according to instructions on the Jiffy box. Mine were done a few minutes early, so keep and eye on them towards the end.


Those delicious mini pies just need to cool for a few minutes and they should pop right out and into your serving dish.


Hopes and Plans {for the week}

Today is turning out to be a giant to-do list.

Don’t get me wrong; I love lists. We have a great relationship.

But when my entire day, down to the minutes, are dictated by them, I get a little bristly.

So I need to zoom out a little bit, and see what’s on the menu for this week.

Big picture thinking helps me chill out when I’m blinded by the moment.

So, what would I like l to accomplish this week? What would make me feel like I have served Christ and my family well? IMG_2879 1// Have dinner ready every evening by 6.

2// Start doing my daily Bible reading in the mornings and spending time in intentional prayer again. I got pretty lax during vacation.

3// Have Connor’s lunch packed…in the evening?!?!?! Instead of packing it at 5 a.m.

4// Clean + vacuum downstairs 

5// Clean + vacuum upstairs

6// Set Micah’s crib up (or, provide moral support for my husband while HE sets the crib up)

7// Create a little “office” space where I can hook up my printer 

8//Deep clean both bathrooms

9// Get our tv off of the fireplace and onto the wall (after Connor picks up the screws we need)


Deeep breaths.

My to-do list for today is much longer and more tedious than the above checklist. So I can relax. If I don’t get everything done today – at least I know what’s important overall.